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Hi, I’m Sarah, a transformational coach supporting you to live a joyful life you would choose.

For me it’s all about living your true nature and purpose intuitively and authentically and I’m creating different spaces for people to do that. Whether that is individually in coaching, in a group in a women's circle or cacao ceremony, or in organisations. I am a lover of all things personal growth. I love the feeling of growing and of expanding. For me this is the feeling of living! I’ve spent my entire career working with people because I’ve been obsessed by figuring out how to live a happy and fulfilled life. I’ve been on my own journey of transformation (and continue to do so) and now I help others with theirs.

What I've learned along the way is...

  • Awareness really is the first step to change – we can’t change what we’re not conscious of. It starts with taking responsibility of our own stuff and getting to the truth of what’s really going on.
  • Change is an inside job – the only way to change anything is to change ourselves.
  • It’s easier to do together – it takes courage, space and compassion to do the inner work. We go further together, and it’s more fun!
  • Our humanity unites us – we think our issues are our own. They’re not. We all share the human condition and we can all connect when we genuinely witness and feel each other’s experience.
  • Separation is suffering – separation from ourselves causes suffering.  Live from your heart for happiness and fulfilment.


“The power to change your life lies in the simplest of steps.” Steve Maraboli

You see we all have patterns of behaviour and thinking that we can get stuck in. It creates our internal world and our external world. So this is both our day to day life experience through our emotions, and also the external results we see around us, our relationships, our achievements and the way we live our lives. Most of our thinking is based on our beliefs, our values and our past experiences, and left unchecked or unchallenged will keep us in a ‘holding pattern’.

Some of the results my clients have achieved when working with me are:

  • Clear on what they want in their life and the steps to get there
  • Greater resilience to manage the ups and downs of life
  • Landing their dream job after being made redundant
  • Personal discoveries about what has been holding them back all this time and are now clear and focused to move forwards
  • A solid approach to overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Able to manage uncertainty and turn their situation into opportunities
  • Greater confidence and self-belief to go for what they want in life
  • A step change in their leadership, winning the support and credibility of their team and colleagues
  • Improved relationship with significant others
  • Become self sufficient, meeting their own needs for love, connection and acceptance
  • A renewed love of life and open to the possibilities that this will bring

“True change happens within” Eckart Tolle

What I offer

Individual Coaching

A powerful coaching programme tailored specifically to you. Together we create the space and time to explore your specific aspirations and challenges. With dedicated support we focus on the end result of connecting with your joyful mind and creating your joyful life, whatever that means to you.


Leadership & Culture

Working with Leaders, Teams and Organisations providing leadership coaching, leadership development, culture change and change management programmes.   Utilising my over 20 years of experience providing effective leadership and culture initiatives to achieve your results, engagement and fulfilment.     


Living the life you choose

My signature online group coaching programme is based in neuroscience, NLP and spiritual principles. We’ll get clear on what you’d truly love to create and together we go on a journey of self discovery, courage, awareness and transformation, all with the support of a group of likeminded people

Women's Circles

A Joyful Minds Women’s circle offers community and connection, intuition and wisdom. We are all hard wired for connection and circles give us the opportunity to make heartfelt bonds in a space to explore our inner worlds, learn more about ourselves and heal and grow. 


Cacao Ceremony

A Joyful Minds Cacao Ceremony is a night of deep relaxation, connection and grounding.  Nourish yourself with this sacred plant medicine and ‘journey’ to the shamanic drum.  You will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed and centered. 

The Joyful Minds Academy

In the Joyful Minds Academy you can find a variety of training courses and other resources to support your personal development journey.  There are a variety of subjects which you can access in your own time and at your own pace.  Take a scroll through and dive in.

How Coaching Can Help You

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