The Joyful Minds Academy

Sarah Watts Transformational  Life Coach 

In the Joyful Minds Academy you can find a variety of training courses and other resources to support your personal development journey.  There are a variety of subjects which you can access in your own time and at your own pace.  Take a scroll through and dive in.

Joyful Minds | EMOTIONS MAP

The Joyful Minds Emotions Map is a tool that can be used to change your orientation.  Just like a compass, we can orientate ourselves towards joy, peace and fulfilment.  The way we do that is to understand what our unconscious beliefs are orientating us towards and realign with what we would love instead.  We all have limiting beliefs and the power is actually in how we respond to them.  The actions we take impact our results and outcomes.  When we take actions from our limiting beliefs we quite often end up reinforcing the very issue we are wishing to avoid!  To resolve this we must shift our focus to our true end result, which is what we would love to have happen, and choose actions aligned with that. 

Follow the simple questions in the Joyful Minds Emotions Map to reorientate towards creating a life you would choose.