What I offer

I help people like you connect with your joyful mind and create your joyful life.

There are many ways in which you can continue your journey of personal growth. See below the ways in which we can work together and reach out if you have any questions

Transformational Life Coaching

Sarah Watts Transformational  Life Coach 

A powerful transformational life coaching programme tailored specifically to you.  Together we create the space and time to explore your specific aspirations and challenges. With dedicated support we focus on the end result of connecting with your joyful mind and creating your joyful life, whatever that means to you.  


Living the Life you Choose

Sarah Watts Transformational  Life Coach 

‘Living the Life you choose’, my signature online group personal development programme is based in neuroscience, NLP and spiritual principles.  Together we go on a journey of self discovery, courage, awareness and transformation, all with the support of a group of likeminded people.  

Leadership & Culture

Sarah Watts Transformational  Life Coach 

Working with Leaders, Teams and Organisations providing leadership coaching, leadership development, culture change and change management programmes.   Utilising my over 20 years of experience providing effective leadership and culture initiatives to achieve your results, engagement and fulfilment.     

Joyful Minds New Moon Women's Circle

Women’s circles offer community and connection, groundedness and nourishment, understanding and great wisdom. As humans we are all hard wired for connection and circles give us the opportunity to make heartfelt bonds. Women’s circles allow us a space to explore our inner worlds, learn more about ourselves and heal and grow. There is something really special about having a place to go where you can be the authentic you, take off any masks that you are wearing, take off any armour, and put down any bags you’re carrying and connect with other women doing the same.

The Joyful Minds Academy

In the Joyful Minds Academy you can find a variety of training courses and other resources to support your personal development journey.  There are a variety of subjects which you can access in your own time and at your own pace.  Take a scroll through and dive in.

The Joyful Minds Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

A Joyful Minds Cacao Ceremony is a night of deep relaxation, connection and grounding.  Nourish yourself with this sacred plant medicine and ‘journey’ to the shamanic drum.  You will leave feeling peaceful, relaxed and centered.