Transformation Summit

Monday 25th to Friday 29th January 2021.​

Joyful Minds

Welcome to the Joyful Minds Transformation Summit taking place on Monday 25th to Friday 29th January 2021.

I’m so pleased you chose to join us.  If you’re interested to know about transformation then you’re in the right place!  This is a completely free summit that will showcase a variety of different transformational tools and approaches that I use personally and that I use with my clients.  This summit is particularly helpful for those of you considering making changes in your life but not sure where to start, or perhaps you’ve made some changes already and are looking to continue that journey. 

The idea of transformation is to completely change form or appearance or character.  To transform (change appearance or character), or to transition (movement or passage of change), or to transcend (rise above), or to transmute (change from one nature to another), all speaks to this idea of moving across or changing from one state to another.  I’m passionate about personal growth and I’ve experienced myself and seen first hand the amazing ways in which this can transform your life.  It feels a fitting and timely topic as we transition from 2020 to 2021! 

So why is transformation important? According to Maslow and his theory on human needs, all humans have a need to grow, to realise our full potential, to express ourselves fully and to feel fulfilled. Its what he called self-actualisation. I know I’ve felt the pull to become a better version of myself, for myself and for those around me, and its led me on my own journey of personal growth. The truth is we all fall into patterns, patterns of thinking and habits, conditioning and beliefs. And the results we see in our lives, and even our emotions can be as a result of these patterns. You may have heard the expression that change is an inside job. It starts by going within and it starts with setting the intention to try something new. In this transformation summit I hope you find inspiration and maybe even an invitation to explore further how some of these tools and approaches and philosophies can help you to live a life that you would choose.

Here is an overview of the summit, the speakers, and topics:

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Transformation Summit Timetable