Words to describe this course: thought provoking, inspiring, emotional, engaging, stimulating growth, enlightening, interesting, thought provoking, fun, challenging, educational, informational (Management Training cohort)

Words to describe this session: insightful, thought provoking, informative, calming, a useful tool to adopt to everyday, uplifting, engaging, well paced, enlightening, great balance of theory and practice (Workshop cohort)

“Sarah is clearly highly committed to personal development and growth – both her own and for others. This passion is clear to see in her coaching, as she listens with a deep curiosity which helps get to the heart of the matter. She is a compassionate and empathetic coach, which helps you feel safe to deeply explore your inner world. Sarah will stretch your thinking which will allow you to test your assumptions and beliefs and help you move forward confidently to achieve your goals.”

Ginette - Coach & Culture Change Consultant

“I have loved working with Sarah. Her quiet, deeply thoughtful and measured approach was both calming and illuminating when applied to the issues I was sharing with her. She is deeply insightful and perceptive, with a gentle humour and humanity that underpin all she does and says. She was supportive without being conciliatory, and able to give me feedback that helped me to reflect on myself without feeling judged.”

Priscilla - General Practitioner

“Sarah is a talented coach who is non-judgmental and highly supportive in her approach and this is shown in her ability to create a safe bubble to explore your thoughts, goals, and aspirations. A way in which Sarah has supported me through coaching was helping me to recognise, challenge and overcome a set of rooted self-limiting beliefs which were holding me back from achieving my dreams for my life and my career. Since working with Sarah I have achieved more than I would have thought was possible 10 years ago, including starting my own consultancy business, achieving my postgraduate qualifications and perhaps most importantly, having a greater awareness over who I am, what I value and what I want from my life as a whole. Sarah remains one of my most trusted thinking partners, acting as my sounding board and development guru who challenges me to grow, develop and show up in the world as my authentic self and that has had a transformational impact on my life.” Nathan

Nathan - Business Founder & Consultant

Sarah and I worked together for 3 months and the experience was transformative. Sarah is a kind and compassionate coach who made me feel seen, heard and safe. Through her open and calm coaching style, I found it really intuitive and natural to relax into the sessions, and explore my limitations and opportunities in equal measure. I loved the visualisations Sarah integrates into the session, and found them to be powerful during and post session. They allowed me to tap into the more spiritual side of my being, and I loved it. It was a new approach for me, and I left feeling lighter for having experienced it. Thank-you Sarah! I highly recommend Sarah to anyone feeling lost or stuck, wanting to re-connect with their true being, or wanting to create change, and willing to go deep to make this happen! Thank-you Sarah!


I made some amazing self-discoveries and all of this was possible due to Sarah’s guidance. What I liked most is your ability to mirror, and then articulate what’s going on based on what you sense which created so much awareness. Thank you for all your help Sarah. I am truly lucky to have found a wonderful coach.


The time spent was really insightful. Through her friendly, calm, structured and at times gently challenging approach she led me to some interesting personal discoveries and a solid suggested approach on how to continue my journey. Thank you Sarah.


I had minimal expectations at the beginning of my journey with Sarah. Mainly, I wanted to restore confidence and belief in myself after being made redundant, after a year of maternity leave. I quickly came to realise that there was much more bubbling under the surface, and Sarah helped to pinpoint those things and we worked through them. The insane pressure and ‘rules’ I applied to myself and the leniency I applied to everyone else was a good place to start! We also addressed a fear of failure and where that may have come from, and why I felt like an imposter in my own career! We touched on other subjects, such as challenging relationships currently in my life. Sarah used clear, simple questions to help guide my thinking so I could really look at what I needed to do, to overcome these things. I’m sure it will be a work in progress, but Sarah has had a huge, positive impact on my life. Because she takes an holistic view of your problem and looks at it from all angles, I was able to address some long standing issues. This in turn has led me into a fantastic new job, where I am 100% myself and celebrated for it. I’m so glad I took the chance and worked with Sarah. Absolute game changer in my life. Thank you.