Taking aligned action

Taking aligned action

What does taking aligned action mean to you?  For some it’s about letting go of control and listening to your intuition.  For others it’s about acting in accordance with your values.  For me it’s about aligning with your heart and taking action towards what you’d love.  Sometimes this means dealing with fear and worry, and it might not always feel good.  But when we act in accordance with what our heart desires then we are promoting ourselves to live out our full potential. 

One of my greatest fears in life is the fear of missing out.  Of letting life go by without having really lived.  Of reaching my deathbed and having regrets or feeling like I didn’t make the most of the opportunities afforded to me by life itself.  I believe my purpose in life is to experience life to the full, to experience joy and fulfillment, excitement and adventure.  

We are conscious creators.  We can choose to take any action we like and create whatever we want to in life.  What stops us from doing that is fear.  Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of being controlled, fear of overwhelm, fear of our own capability, fear of conflict, fear that we won’t live up to our own expectations.  

What if all these fears are an illusion.  In fact let me go as far as to say that they are.  Our ego wants to keep us safe and that includes psychological safety as well as physical safety.  So our default orientation can be in pursuing safety, rather than what we would love in life.  This is not in alignment with our full potential. 

So what are the keys to orienting ourselves to what we would love? First we need to know where we are.  If we’re going to take any journey from one place to another we have to know our starting point.  And to have total clarity on this we need to go deeper than just what we see in front of us.  We need to understand our unconscious reality, the thoughts, beliefs, values and assumptions that are really contributing to the situation. 

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” – Anais Nin

Second we need to visualise our end result.  What would we love to have happen?  Not the absence of what we don’t want.  Really visualise what it would look like, sound like and feel like.  Who is there, where are we?  Really experience it in our imagination as if we’ve already achieved it, and connect with the emotions we would experience when this happens.  Finally we intuitively tune into what is the next true action to take to create this.  Not from a place of fear, but from a place of love.  This is aligned action.  We are just following the breadcrumbs!

Does this resonate with you?  What thoughts and feelings is it bringing up?  Let me know what you think!


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