Keith’s Cacao – 100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste (454g)

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Keith’s Cacao – 100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste (454g)


Crafted to enchant the artistic soul, Keith’s Cacao ceremonial grade cacao paste is the perfect partner in the pursuit of music, art, dance, yoga, meditation, and creative practices. Trusted by cacao practitioners and ideal for the workplace, Keith’s Cacao can enhance insight, presence, and focus. With no additions, no chemicals, and no loss of quality, this 100% pure, Ceremonial Grade Cacao is here to open your heart, focus your mind, and energize your spirit to Bring on Your Magic!

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Cacao is the seed from the fruit, or pod, of the Theobroma cacao tree.  ‘Theo’ means God and ‘broma’ means food, making the cacao tree and its fruit, the ‘food of the gods’!  The processing and consumption of cacao as a sacred elixir dates back over 5,300 years in South America and had been used by the Olmecs, Maya, Toltecs and Aztecs of Mesoamerica.

Cacao is a superfood! In fact it is one of the most complex, nutritionally dense and complete foods on the planet.  Cacao is even higher in antioxidants than blueberries, and is more abundant in flavanols than other plant-based sources.  In addition to nutrients, cacao also contains neurochemicals, and psychoactive compounds (cacao is not hallucinogenic or psychedelic).  Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant which lifts mood, energy and mental focus.  Cacao includes Phenylethlamine (PEA) which is often referred to as the ‘love chemical’ and is elevated when we feel captivated by a person or task.  Anandamide (AEA) is also found in cacao and is referred to as the ‘bliss molecule’.  Studies have shown AEA can be found in our bodies after increased levels of exercise, often associated with the term ‘runners high’.

Cacao is known as an entheogen or plant medicine.  ‘Entheos‘ translates to “full of god” or “inspired”, and ‘gen’ means to ‘come into being’.  An entheogen is a class of psychoactive substances found in plants, which when taken in specific doses, cause you to become inspired or experience feelings of spiritual inspiration, and to release naturally produced chemicals in the body that can invoke gentle changes in mood and awareness.

Keith’s Cacao is sourced from the Guatemalan rainforest that Keith selects for its energetic vibration and active compounds and is grown on small family farms.  It retains the bioactive and energetic compounds that support and promote optimal health and spiritual benefits which is why it is classed as 100% ceremonial grade cacao.  Keith’s Cacao is prepared in a traditional way involving local farmers and workers in methods that go back over generations.  This cacao is grown, harvested, selected, processed and packaged with love and supports local families, communities, and traditions.

Please note that cacao can interact with certain severe heart conditions and medications, including antidepressants, and it is recommended to adjust the dose if you are pregnant or breast feeding.  Please read the full health advice provided before purchase or consumption contact me if you have any queries.  To find out how to prepare your cacao please click here

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