How to prepare Cacao

Before you consume cacao please make sure you have read the Cacao and Health information provided.

A ceremonial dose of cacao is 42g and used best in ceremony and for focused meditating, journeying or journalling.  A daily dose is 28g which is ideal for when you want to promote focus, or when you swap cacao for your daily coffee or tea.  As you drink cacao regularly you may find you need less.  Just feel into what your body is communicating with you and adjust accordingly.     

When you open your package of cacao allow yourself to start building your relationship with this
precious plant medicine through being fully present, smell the aroma, and use the preparation time to set your intentions for your use of cacao.

Firstly chop your cacao into small crumbs or shavings then mix with around 250ml of water. You may either mix in a blender or heat in a saucepan and gently stir until the cacao has dissolved.

I invite you to experience cacao in its natural form, particularly if this is your first time. You are also welcome to add any flavourings of your choice if you wish to, including spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), natural sweeteners (maple syrup or honey) or use essential oils (vanilla, orange).

Create a quiet undistracted space to enjoy your cacao!  If you’re wishing to create your own ceremony you may do so by bringing yourself into presence, sipping your cacao slowly and really noticing the effects in your body.  You may want to do a body scan and release any tension you feel.  Cacao works really well alongside meditation or journalling so start by setting your intentions, perhaps light a candle, and then engage with whichever spiritual practice works for you.  

If you’ve consumed a ceremonial dose and have participated in a spiritual practice you may want to ground yourself afterwards by going outside, being in nature, journalling on your experience, and give yourself time to adjust back into the pace of life.  Drink plenty of water as cacao is a natural diuretic and eat grounding nourishing foods. 

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