Balance I’ve been pondering on this idea of balance.  We all hear people mention it, we ourselves may be seeking it.  Work life balance is a common one.  It might also be fitness and weight, or financial balance of money in and money out, it might be rest and pushing forwards towards a goal.    My question is whether balance is even possible?  And if it…

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Masculine and Feminine Actions

Masculine and Feminine Actions Last week I was talking about balance versus harmony and this sparked some interest in the community.  Thanks to those who reached out to share their thoughts with me, and to those who read the email and pondered on its contents.  This week I want to talk about the difference between masculine and feminine actions.  This is something close to my…

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Discounted Coaching Offer for Keyworkers & Redundancy

25% Discount for Key Workers & 50% Discount for anyone who has been made redundant There is no disputing the huge amount of disruption, challenging circumstances, and significant changes we have all seen during the course of this year.  For some the changes have been locked inside their own homes, homeschooling and loss of the many freedoms we all enjoy.  For others it has been…

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