I’ve been pondering on this idea of balance.  We all hear people mention it, we ourselves may be seeking it.  Work life balance is a common one.  It might also be fitness and weight, or financial balance of money in and money out, it might be rest and pushing forwards towards a goal.   

My question is whether balance is even possible?  And if it is, does it last?  Have we bought into an idea that balance is something to strive for, yet is actually unobtainable?

The definition of balance is “a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.”  To me the idea that something would be equal sounds almost impossible.  If it were to become equal even for a moment, would it stay like that?  If we knew what correct proportions might mean to us, does our idea of what is correct stay the same?

In life, as we find in nature, there’s an ebb and flow, a coming and going, a rising and falling.   The idea of harmony came to me as perhaps a better way of describing what we are seeking. Harmony is more about living peacefully alongside each other.  Therefore it’s not a dichotomy and more of an accepting of all elements.  

What I’ve settled with is an idea of allowing and not resisting the ebb and flow, the seasons and change, and to welcome those different phases and recognise that its ok.  At the same time keeping my eye on what I’d really love in my life.  Because we know as humans we can become distracted and end up with our attention on just one area of our lives at a time.

I have a daily practice that keeps me clear on what I’d love to create which brings at least a balance in my focus.  What does balance and harmony mean to you?  Let me know what you think!

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