Hi, I’m Sarah. Before I get into what qualifies me to be your consultant or coach, I’d like to tell you a story. It’s one that really captures the essence of what I’m about.

I found my passion for people in my college job where I witnessed the negative impact of a toxic culture.  Combined with what I learned in my Business Studies course I knew that a career in Human Resources was for me.

I believed it possible to create a win:win environment for both the business and the employee.  So I started at grass roots, stuffing envelopes with application forms and completing contracts of employment.  I worked my way up and at 20 years I found myself in a Senior HR Business Partner role supporting Senior Executives to develop their HR strategy. 

I love to take a big picture view of a business and learn about the operation.  Only from that viewpoint can I start to advise on the interventions to help achieve a business’ end result.

Alongside my corporate career  I found myself in the world of personal development, particularly after having kids and wanting to be the best version of myself for them.

Now I get to combine all that I’ve learned about business, about people, and about change, to help to create workplaces where people thrive.  Joyful Minds was born in July 2020 and I love to work with creative and ethical businesses.

I see the challenges that organisations face are the same challenges we face in our communities and in society. Rising mental health, fast paced fire fighting, navigating ‘political’ or social challenges, toxic cultures, inequality, ethical issues and how we take care of each other and the planet. 

And yet I believe that business can have a positive impact on all who interact with it, employees, customers, stakeholders, and the planet.  What if businesses contributed more than they extracted?  What if business led the change and through creating an environment for people to thrive, it has a ripple effect throughout their networks, relationships and communities?  Wouldn’t that be a great place to work, and a wonderful way to live? 

So how am I qualified to support you?  I bring with me my 23 years experience in people management, developing high performing teams, leadership development, change management, and organisational development and culture change, and a passion for people that spans my entire career. I have worked alongside Executives, Senior Leaders and Managers in a variety of industries including travel and tourism, FMCG, retail and the voluntary sector. My qualifications include a Masters Degree in HR Management, a qualified and accredited NLP Practitioner, I am an ICF Accredited Certified Coach and an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner.

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